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We all need to experience a Rebirth, at some point in our lives. To feel like it's a fresh start, or a new beginning. Because that old life, that old way was so heavy. In fact too heavy at times, yet you still endured. But the thing about rebirth is, it doesn't erase the previous life, it adds to it. It evolves it. It's like getting a new body, mentally. Rebirth allows your mind to heal from mental scars and frustrations. Sometimes we're worn down and don't recognize it. But our body and spirit does.

"Some things in your life have to die, in order for other things in your life to grow."

We all need to be made aware of that sometimes. And it's not until we're on our last leg or drop of energy that we understand. We need to be unplugged and rebooted sometimes. We need to redetermine our way. Life has a way of finding your limits, and stretching you far beyond them. And when you reach the point of no return, you will find new levels. You then experience what is like your "new charge". It's like seeing every color of light at once. It's the feeling of knowing you will be successful and that your life is not a mistake. That your purpose has meaning. It is like a positive charge or surge flowing through your body. So magnetic and filled with life and velocity. I feel that The art of birth, is at the heart of God- The Creator. Because you don't have control over it, and you have to let go and surrender. 

And the beauty of the rebirth is, it restores the sense of purity. That innocence the world around you tried to strip away. That yearning to learn and experience the world again. To look at the world with fresh eyes, no pain. No scars. But to see what life is really about. The rebirth is the seed planted in you years ago, just about to bloom. For it's the right season. Rebirth is that extra energy you need to keep putting into your project and into yourself.  It may seem as you're just tilting the soil, and you're in over your head, but you're just becoming one with your foundation. Rebirth is a mindset, then you suddenly realize this is what the next level feels like. This is a taste of the other side. This is what being alive feels like. You may not be where you want to be, but you are still here, and ALIVE. 



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